A 23 track downtempo album (59m 32s) — released April 21st 2008 on Twentythree
Once again UK phenom duo Fila Brazillia release the suggestively titled "Dicks" (sniggle) loaded full of...a-hem!! I'm not going there with that one--it may not get this review published. That being said, Steve Cobby and Dave McSherry have yet to run out of creative "juices" with this, their tenth release, plus a few remix CDs to boot. The songs on "Dicks" are a bit shorter than the oftentimes lengthy arrangements these boys dish out, but it doesn't make the music any less enjoyable or incredible. This go round the boys manage to employ the use of a harp and banjo, two instruments not closely related to electronica music. Nevertheless, Cobbs and McSherry pull it off in their "Fila Brazillian" style, bringing you still a multitude of funk, rock, soul and every other form of music in between. Now, excuse me while I go play with...My "Dicks"--couldn't resist. Darrell L Lee, Amazon [2005]

"So damn fresh, so damn funky, so damn trippy! This Fila album grows on me like a sneaking, snaking vine every time I listen to it." - MaDMvD Discogs

"Music for Mensa intellects - listen to the finely woven layers of bittersweet sounds!" - MaDMvD Discogs

"State of the art electronic music - refined downbeat and unusual perception of sound." - Beebog Amazon

"If searching for lost imagination in fine electronic music, buy this album." - Beebog Amazon

"Feel-good, upbeat electro grooves which range from slightly naff to jaw-droppingly funky." - T Owen Amazon

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